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IFE CEE Conference


By virtue of the efforts of Prof. Dr. Daniel Deak and Prof. Dr Radu Bufan and with the support of the Romanian IFA branch, The Serbian IFA branch – the Serbian Fiscal Society, in cooperation with the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law has had the privilege of hosting this year’s IFA Central and Eastern Europe tax conference.

The conference was opened by a seminar on the topic of „DTT Abuse, Particularly in Light of the Newly Introduced MLI Anti-Abuse Provisions“ to be held by Prof. Dr. Robert Danon from the University of Lausanne, Chair of IFA’s Permanent Scientific Committee. Prof.

Dr. Robert Danon’s seminar was held under the auspices of Central IFA as a part of its efforts to support its branches in this part of Europe and a continuation of the past year’s Traveling Lectureship Program.

In addition to this seminar, the conference had four panels, as well as a promotion of the recently published book by dr Stjepan Gadžo from the University of Rijeka (Croatia):

Panel I – Taxpayer’s Rights in CEE

Panel II – Digitalization of the VAT Process

Panel III – Transfer Pricing in CEE

Panel IV– Behavioral Public Finances (Tax Morale)

The panels have hosted more than 20 speakers (tax law and public finances academics, tax consultants, judges, representatives of tax authorities) from Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania and Serbia.

You can watch the video of the conference on the following list:

Tax Aspects of the Brain Drain – October 11, 2019

A one-day academic conference whose organizing committee is made up of Prof. Dr. Ana Paula Dourado from the University of Lisbon, Prof. Dr. Yariv Brauner from the University of Florida(Levin), Prof. Dr. Andres Baez Moren from Carlos III University Madrid and Prof. Dr. Dejan Popović, Prof. Dr. Gordana Ilić-Popov and Doc. Dr. Svetislav V. Kostić from the University of Belgrade is to be a platform to present challenging research papers whose topics fall within the broad subject of the tax aspects of the brain drain.


Host organization: The University of Belgrade and the Serbian Fiscal Society

Venue: University of Belgrade Faculty of Law, Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 67, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia


Click here for the invitation.