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The Executive Board

The Executive Board

The Executive Board is in charge of management of the SFS and in that capacity takes the decisions necessary for such purposes, draws up the agenda for the General Meeting and submits to the General Meeting all suggestions which it considers useful.

The members of the Executive Board are elected by the General Meeting for the period of two years.

The SFS Executive Board has 10 members.

Members of the SFS Executive Board: Prof. Dr. Dejan Popović, Prof. Dr. Svetislav V. Kostić, Filip Kovačević, LL.M, Prof. Dr. Gordana Ilić-Popov, Prof. Dr. Saša Ranđelović, Biljana Bujić, Dejan Stojanović, Dejan Mraković, LL.M, mr Dragan Drača and Lidija Živković, LL.M.