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Fourteenth Tax Evening, 26 May 2017

Fourteenth Tax Evening, 26 May 2017

Our XIV Tax Evening was dedicated to the presentation of the new elective course at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law – International Tax Treaty Law.

18 undergraduate students of the Faculty of Law (attending the last, VIII, semester) had two classes on international tax treaty law every week taught only in English by Doc. Dr.  Svetislav V. Kostić.  They had to learn how to use, as their basic tool of trade, the OECD Model Convention and its Commentary.  Students were divided into 5 groups which were each provided with a highly challenging tax case.

A mentor was assigned to each group whose task was to assist them in mastering the case and teach them how to properly draft legal memoranda.

The mentors were:

1. Tanja Unguran, LL.M, Partner of the Law firm Mihaj, Ilić, Milanović

2. Dejan Mraković, LL.M, Director, Deloitte

3. Stefan Strovjanovski, Executive Director, E&Y

4. Nenad Nešovanović, Director, KPMG

5. Nenad Nešovanović, Director, KPMG

In addition to the basic lectures and mentorship package, the students had the opportunity to attend an excellent seminar given by Doc. Dr. Bojana Čučković on the relationship between domestic and international law, and the monist and dualist theories.  The seminar was held in English.

Finally, thanks to PwC Academy the students were provided with a six hours Finance for non-finance course.