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Membership in the SFS

The membership of the SFS consists of members and honorary members.

The membership of the SFS consists of individual persons, residents of the Republic of Serbia, as well as legal persons incorporated under the laws of or resident in Serbia. Legal persons, members of the SFS, are required to appoint an individual person to represent them in all respects as against the SFS.

Individual persons not residing in the Republic of Serbia may become members of the SFS, subject to the approval of IFA.

Honorary members are members – being individual persons – who have been granted such title by the General Meeting in recognition of their special services to the SFS. Honorary members must be members of IFA and pay the IFA subscription or have it paid for them by the Branch.

Those interested in becoming members of SFS/IFA should submit a request to the Executive Board of the SFS, together with their resume in Serbian. Requests for membership (together with resumes in Serbian) should be sent to skostic@ius.bg.ac.rs.