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Termination of Membership

Termination of Membership

Membership shall terminate:

  • upon death, in the case of an individual person and, in case of an entity, because it has ceased to exist;
  • upon emigration of a member from Serbia, except for members who are not residents of Serbia,
  • when the member ceases to be a member of IFA.

A member, for whatever reason, can terminate his/hers/its membership voluntarily by a written notice of termination prior to the end of the financial year sent to the Secretary General.

The SFS may decide to terminate the membership of a member by a notice of termination on the basis of the decision of the General Meeting on the grounds of:

  • failure to pay his/hers/its subscription,
  • violation of the Articles of Association, by-laws of the SFS or resolution of its governing bodies, or if the member unreasonably causes harm to the SFS.

A proposal for termination of membership shall be notified to the member concerned and the member concerned shall have the right to make his views known to the General Meeting on the proposal for termination.

The decision on the termination of membership is passed by a qualified majority of votes of two-thirds of the votes of members present at the General Meeting.